funny jokes -Are you married what's funny jokes-Girl-Wife

funny jokes -Are you married what's funny jokes-Girl-Wife
Girl on phone by unknown number: Hello, are you married?
Bunty: No but who are you
Girl: Your wife is speaking. Come home, then tell me who I am. Satish, Mumbai
What happens
Girl: What is the police station?
Boy: Do you have a boyfriend?
Girl: No.
Boy: So call the police station.
funny jokes
Husband: Yesterday I had a girl in my dream,
Wow-what a girl
Wife: She must have come alone.
Husband: How did you know?
Wife: Her husband came in my dream.
My Wife Went To Las Vegas And
a guy. comes .home. from# work #to find his
wife with her suitcases packed and she's
sitting in the living room where the
heck do you think you're going he says
she says I'm going to Las Vegas I heard
that the call girls out there and 400
bucks every time they get it on I
figured I might as well earn some money
for what I give you for free well the
husband thinks about it for a second he
goes upstairs and comes back down with
his suitcases packed as well well where
do you think you're going the wife asks
well the guy says are you kidding me
there's no way I'm gonna miss this I
gotta see how you survive on eight
hundred bucks a year
funny jokes -Are you married what's funny jokes-Girl-Wife
funny jokes -Are you married what's funny jokes-Girl-Wife

funny jokes -Are you married what's funny jokes-Girl-Wife

Mom Has A Special Visitor When Dad Plays
it's a beautiful Saturday morning and
Bill's just about to set off on around
of golf when he realizes he forgot to
tell# his# wife# that the #guy who# fixes the#
washing machine was coming around at
noon so bill grabs his cell phone and
calls the house hello said a little
girl's voice hi honey its daddy is your
mom near the phone
no daddy she's upstairs in the bedroom
with Uncle Fred well after a brief pause
he says you haven't got an Uncle Fred
honey well yes I do
funny jokes
he's upstairs in the bedroom with mommy
okay then here's what I want you to do
put down the phone run upstairs and
knock on the bedroom door I want you to
shout to mommy and Uncle Fred that my
cart just pulled up outside the house
okay daddy
well a couple minutes later the little
girl #comes #back to the# phone# well I did
what she said daddy yeah and what
happened well mommy jumped out of bed
she ran around screaming she tripped
over the rug and went out the front
window she doesn't look too good oh my
god well what about Uncle Fred well he
jumped out of bed too he was scared he
jumped out the back window into the
swimming pool but he must have forgot
last week you took the water out of the
pool to clean it he hit the bottom he's
not looking too good
well after a long pause bill said
swimming pool sorry wrong number

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants
there was a guy walked into a bar and
asked the bartender for ten shots of
whiskey a little bartender ass so what's
the matter buddy well the guy says you
know I just found out my brother's
marrying my best friend well there's
nothing wrong with that yeah I know just
sad about it now the next day the man
comes in and orders twelve shots of
whiskey bartender says well what's wrong
this time well I found out that my son's
marrying his best buddy now there's
nothing wrong with that I know I'm just
sad well the next day same guy comes in
and he orders 15 shots of whiskey well
the bartender says man buddy doesn't
anybody in your family like women well
the man looks up and says yeah
apparently my wife does

She Went To The Farm Looking For Respect

She Went To The Farm Looking For Respect
there was a beautiful blonde woman she
had long blonde hair blue eyes and she
was just sick of all the blonde jokes
one .day she .decided to get #a makeover #so#
she cut and dyed her hair brunette went
driving down a country road searching
for someone who would appreciate her for
all of her intelligence well she came
across a herd of sheep and stopped and
called the Shepherd over
that's a nice flock of sheep you've got
there will thank you said to her I'll
tell you what she said I have a
proposition for you
if I #can guess .the exact. number. of sheep
in your flock can I take one home well
sure said this Shepherd so the girl said
up and looked real hard and said alright
382 Wow
funny jokes
said the shepherd that's exactly right
go ahead pick one out you can take it
home so the woman went and picked one
out and put it in her car of a herder
said okay now I have a proposition for
you if I can guess the real color of
your hair can I have my dog back
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