jokes for whatsapp in english | little Johnny was in school and his

jokes for WhatsApp in English | little Johnny was in school and his
girlfriend little Veronica got her first
well confused and frightened she decided
to go ask her little pal little Johnny
if #he .could .#figure .out .what .was .going on.
down there
so she pulled down her pants and pointed
to her crotch and little Johnny became
serious and said you know I'm not a
but it looks to me like somebody just
ripped your balls off one day during a
class on proper grammar the teacher
#asked. for a show of .hands, of# who# could
use the word beautiful in the same
sentence twice well first she called on
little Susie who responded with my
jokes for Whatsapp in English
father bought my mother a beautiful
dress and she looked beautiful in it
very good Susie replied the teacher then
she called on little Michael well my

mommy planned a beautiful banquet and it
turned out beautifully he said excellent
Michael well then the teacher called on
little Johnny last night at the dinner
the table my sister told my father that she
was pregnant he looked at her and said
beautiful fucking beautiful
jokes for Whatsapp in English

little Johnny was sitting on Santa's lap
and Santa puts his finger on the boy's
nose and says I bet your name is Johnny
john-117 says I bet you on a bike
bi ke well little Johnny gets all
excited and says how did you know that
well Santa replies cuz I'm Santa I know
everything well little Johnny gets a
funny look in his eye and says well I
jokes for WhatsApp in English little Johnny was in school and his
jokes for WhatsApp in English | little Johnny was in school and his

jokes for WhatsApp in English | little Johnny was in school and his

bet you like girls gee I RL s well Santa
says well yeah how did you know that
well little Johnny says because your
finger smells like PU SS y little Johnny
was in class and the teacher says okay
class, we're gonna play a game today I
want everyone to give me a sentence with
the word perhaps in it well Claude says

perhaps if we're good that teacher won't
give us any homework when the teacher
says very good Claude Mary says the sky
is very dark jokes for Whatsapp in English
perhaps it's gonna rain I'm a teacher
says very good Mary well then she calls
on little Johnny in the back well Johnny
says yesterday when I got home from
my sister and her music teacher both had
their pants down around their ankles
perhaps she's banging him little Gianni
was passing his parent's bedroom in the
middle of the night and he was looking
for Whatsapp in English

for a glass of water well, he heard a lot
of moaning in something and peeked in
and caught his folks right in the act
well before dad can even react little
Gianni exclaims oh boy horsey ride dad
can I ride on your back well dad's
pretty relieved that Johnny's not asking
more uncomfortable questions so he said
all right hop on
so John jumps on and daddy starts going
to town

WhatsApp in English

pretty soon mommy starts moaning and
gasping well Johnny cries out hang on
tight daddy this is the part where me
and the milkman usually get bucked off
one day little Johnny's dad was getting
out of the shower

Johnny looked and said hey Dad what's
that thing hanging there jokes for WhatsApp in English
well, Johnny, that's my nerve one of these
days yours will be this big - well
anyways the next day while in school

Johnny really had to go to the bathroom
so he raised his hand and said miss I
really need to go to the bathroom no I'm
sorry, Johnny, you're gonna have to hold
it will not able to hold it little
Johnny walks over to the garbage can and
starts to pee well surprise is here
student ping in a garbage can in front

of the whole class the teacher just
yells Johnny you've got some nerve well
Johnny says that's nothing you should
see my dad's the teacher and little
Johnny school last the class what their
parents did for a living one little girl
said that her mother was a doctor
another said her mother was an engineer
well when it was little Johnny's turn he

stood up and said my mom's a prostitute
well naturally after that remark he got
sent to the principal's office then jokes for Whatsapp in English
fifteen minutes later he came back so
the teacher asked well did you tell the

principal what you said in class little
Johnny said yes well what did the
principal say well he said that every
job is important to our economy gave me
a pocketful of candy and asked for her
phone number

Little Johnny Jokes jokes for Whatsapp in English

little Johnny and a little girl are
playing little Johnny pulls down his
shorts #and says #I have #one of these and#
you don't a little girl starts crying
and crying and she runs home to her
mother when I say little Johnny and the
girl are playing together again
once again little Johnny points and says
I have #one of this # and you don't but#
this time the little girl just keeps on
playing well how come you're not crying

today ask little Johnny well little girl
points at our dress and says you know
what my mom told me that with one of jokes for Whatsapp in English
.these I #can get #as. many #of those as I
want little Johnny was in class and the
the teacher announced that they were gonna
try something different to have everyone
get to know each other a little better
so she said I want you to stand up and

give us the occupation of your father
spell it# and say .one .thing he would .give.
us if he were here today well the first
the student raised her hand the volunteer

merci the teacher said you can go first
well Marcie replied my father's a banker
ba n ke R and if he was here today he'd
give us all a shiny new penny well the
the teacher said very nice merci who wants
to go next
well Kevin stood up and said my dad's a
baker ba

jokes for Whatsapp in English

ke R and if he was here today he'd give
us all a cookie well very good well Jeff
was next and he said my father's an
accountant a K no wait
ACK no well before he could try it again
the teacher said don't just sit down and
think about it for a little while well
he thought he thought he knew how to
spell it but little Johnny raised his

hand and excitement hoping to be
acknowledged by the teacher well the
a teacher called on little Johnny to go
next Johnny said well my father's a
bookie B oh ok ie
jokes for Whatsapp in English
and if he was here today he'd give us
all 21 odds that Jeff's never gonna be
able to spell the word accountant one
day in school the teacher decided that

in science class, she would teach about
the elements so she stood in front of
the class and said children if you could
have one raw element in the world what
would it be
jokes for Whatsapp in English
little Stevie raised his hand and said
well I'd want gold because gold is worth
a lot of #money #and I #could buy a Porsche#
well the teacher nodded and called on
little Susie Susie said I'd want

platinum because platinum was worth a
lot of #money# and I# could buy a Corvette.
well the teacher smiled and called on
little Johnny a little johnny stood up
and said you know I want silicon teacher
said why silicon Johnny well he said
because my mom has two bags of silicon
on her and you should see all
sports cars around our house
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