funniest comedians-pranks-friends-raw story

funniest comedians-pranks-friends-raw story
funniest stand-up comedians
  • #awe know you love# your friends but that’s assuming you don’#t enjoy making them
    #squirm now and again# here you go #don’t worry Emily we’re with you not at you
    if you’re looking for some fun ways to print your besties stay tuned because
  • funniest stand-up comedians
  • we have a bunch of great ones coming back Terry hey Livia oh it’s the new
  • Keanu Reeves movie hey can i snag one of those well that’s not very nice
    fine you won’t share I’ll teach you a lesson Olivia let me show you a trick
  • fold your hands together like this now I’m going to stick my fingers in between
    yours good now you can’t use either of your hands sucker indulging in that sweet
  • tooth again are we oh right which one should I eat first [Music] Emily what are
  • funniest stand-up comedians
you doing in here it looks like she’s about to get Olivia back for stealing your
cheese pops the night before man olivia is going to freak out when she sees that
thing all right I’m ready to chow down how did that thing get on my cupcake and to
think I almost put the creature in my mouth wait a sec it looks kind of shiny doesn’t
it hey this isn’t a real cockroach but boy does this thing look creepy or what why do
I have a feeling Emily’s behind this nasty trick I’m going to get you back if it’s the

funniest comedians|DIY-PRANKS-FRIENDS-raw story

funniest stand-up comedians
last thing I do want to give your friends a real scare wait till you learn how to per
form this sneaky trick let’s watch it all go down shall we for this prank you’ll need
these simple household items take the cap off the can of silly string and pierce it with a
pushpin that’s already holding on to a ribbon now place a piece of duct tape over the
top so it presses down the nozzle now stick the can into one of your kitchen cabinets
be sure to tape it to the wall of the shelf now take the end of the long ribbon to the
inside of the cabinet now we just have to wait for the poor sucker to fall for the trap
uh-oh here we go oh no she totally fell for this messy prank Emily’s going to need a
serious shower after this what does not look like it tastes very good ha gotcha girl
you what is this stuff even made of anyway you better run because I’m about to kick
your butt ready for the next awesome prank you’ll need two pushpins a plain balloon
like this one and tape roll a piece of tape up stick it to the wall and stick a
funniest stand-up comedians
pinhead to it take a larger folded square of tape and stick it to the door on the
#same# level as the #previous# piece
continue on# so it looks like this now stick
#inflated #balloons ♥to the
later pieces of♥ tape any #colours will# do shh don’t tell
#Olivia what I just did oh here she comes [Music] what was that the sounds of
#popping♥ balloons is so jarring you#
couldn’t scare the# pants #off #anyone who♥

funniest comedians|DIY-PRANKS-FRIENDS-raw story

the raw story facebook-in english

open that door look at them go now that’s the face of beer people who needs
coffee if you can get your blood pumping with this enjoying a quiet evening in
are we ah time to get lost in a good book let’s see where did I leave off Wow
Emily is really fast asleep isn’t she so peacefully oh no what are you gonna
do to her Olivia all pranksters no a sleeping friend may well be a giant bullseye
let’s try this prank on for size thank oh thank goodness she’s in a deep sleep
I’m just going to slowly take your phone yes now hurry up and get out of there girl
oh right let’s see how we can screw with Emily today shall we if you have access to funniest stand-up comedians
your friends phone quickly lookup images of broken glass aha I found a winner now
go to settings and make this image that phones luck and home screen okay it’s finally
time to watch this awesome print in action get up and make a loud stomping noise Oh
Emily your phone it just shattered what this is a brand new phone yikes that looks
pretty bad doesn’t it hey Emily don’t cry it may not actually be as bad as you think
see yup she got you good Emily if you’re ever out shopping remember you may not want
to bring someone like Emily with you huh I could have sworn someone just tapped me
on the shoulder great imagining things again okay I definitely felt something that


time seriously what’s this dude’s problem little does Olivia know Emily is up to her
sneaky pranks again alright enough this has got to stop hey man why do you keep
whoa, Emily, I should have known that was you looking for something to do to spice up
the afternoon oh this will do it Emily’s gonna regret leaving her keys lying around
for this prank, you’ll need these in a deflated balloon-like this one go ahead and
stick the key fob into the balloon it may be tricky but try to get it all in there
there you go but hold up and quite finished yet go ahead and blow up the balloon the key
in there don’t blow too hard now oh right that ought to do it alright I’m heading out
to the mall have you seen my car keys by any chance not there did I put them seriously I’ve
looked everywhere huh hey what am I keep doing there great how am I supposed
to find it in this sea of balloons geez it looks like a flipping birthday party in here funniest stand-up comedians
looks like Emily’s going to be sorting through balloons instead of going shopping the
Lydia why do you do this stuff [Music] if you thought these pranks were hilarious just
wait till you check out these bloopers feel free to send these pranks to your besties
but be aware you still want to give them any ideas as always be sure to subscribe –
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