yo momma jokes, to make sure to LIKE our yo mama

yo momma jokes, to make sure to LIKE our yo mama
your momma jokes, yo mama's so strict she told Chris Hansen to take a seat
hi I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC oh wait oh I don't work for them anymore I
mean my own blogs before we
yo momma jokes,
yo momma jokes,

showed up at her knees yawns house and he called the police
yo mama's so stopped son yinz with her figures hey can you chop this oh this, yo momma jokes
one too oh I also need out oh my god my

figures ah I guess you could say we made finger food yo mama's so she made poison
ivy use perfume made out of wheat killer
I hope this impresses kite man hey Harley what do you think yo mama's so
lazy her blood type was melatonin hmm

what seems to be the problem I have no energy lately well let's do some blood
work oh okay good idea
um whoa, your momma jokes,

I'm just gonna so short she uses condoms to catch butterflies oh boy
finally gonna hook up with hot mama wait where my condoms where are they no
daddy's so gone when he wore a yellow shirt Bibble shouted Caillou oh my god
oh my god is that Caillou damn it I'm not Caillou sick of that stupid fucking
kid excuse me

what did you just say I said I'm tired of that stupid fucking candy well what,yo momma jokes
did you think to happen in that stupid the fucking kid would he grow up oh shit
yo mama's so stinking rich he wipes her ass with cash here's a hundred here's
another hundred here's a few more hundred hey do you think I can borrow
some of that toilet paper sure yeah

yo momma jokes, to make sure to LIKE our yo mama

wait no dammit really got shit all right party time to make a tough
decision here
totally worth it yo mama's so ho she made Sonic's
heart go sonic speed

lady, you're the most beautiful thing in the world I would know and literally, yo momma jokes
just saw it all in 3.8 seconds yep
just double-checked can confirm yo mama's so poor the only place sheets off
of our freaking license plates what what
did I do,your momma jokes,

I was going to speed limit well we got a call about stolen care that looks an
an awful lot like this one so I need to
check your plates oh well go ahead I have nothing to hide yeah

yo mama's so fat when she went to in and out she couldn't get in nor out hey
excuse me you gonna order my muscles need food I'm so sorry my precious
angels, I'll feed you as soon as I can as soon as this fat mama orders already

daddy so when Kirby ate him he became a freakin Kirk hey oh sweet okay time to
get cruel Kirby where are you you're missing out Kirby
yo mama's so short when she went to the zoo was animal crackers the little
the snack that's how short she is she's as big as the little the little
treats the little cookies

damn it lady stop fucking with my food yo mama's soul when you ask for a Care
Bear she gave you a scared bear oh boy I hope it's a Louisville hot bear because

your momma jokes, yo mama's so strict she told

I love pink a lot oh shit it's Friday it's fucking Freddie get it away from me, yo momma jokes
yo mama so when she plays Minecraft she

can sleep in the morning wakey eggs and Bakey and also five exhausted
but we got it to craft you promised mom
is so strict she grounded Cupid for shooting arrows love is in the air
uh-uh you go poke someone's eyes out but I gotta spread the love get your ass in,your momma jokes,

the car
alright Cupid I'm ready for hot mama to fall in love with me dear bed Cupid,yo momma jokes
yo mama's so Oh her blood type was the dost what seems to be the problem well I
got hot the other day mm-hmm but there wasn't any blood hmm let me have a look
my allergies I can't breathe
yo mama's so short but she was impeached she was in peach that dirty short mama
needs to be in jail

she's corrupted dirty shifty and most of all very tiny sir word just came in they
just voted to impeach you what no not the peach in America you
believe the repeats hey fat momma here's your extra-large triple cheese
pepperoni beats us in Soviet Russia Pizza deliver you, oh boy I hope dad's
for me, boys use your extra muscular body

with pepperonis ah Oh am I so delicious yo mama's so she
made Mr. peanut nut well I do say you're more mouth-watering than a delicious
delectable bag of grandmas double

roasted, yo momma jokes

my to dare to clear my nuts or a roast a few months later yo mama's so strict
never ask how many kids she grounded Vegeta said overnight what 9000 Shh use
your inside voices yes ma'am
why bad, yo momma jokes

yo mama's so fat butthole was steamy stacks all right
gonna get that job I'm getting double-teamed this couldn't be taken out
of context in any way thank God for steamy stacks yo mama's so rich her
money does grow on trees isn't it
beautiful madam, I'm just here to water
the tree, your momma jokes,

ah yes just make sure to put on my go I'm here the water the tree yo mama's so
a pirate Borderlands was a game about Trump's wall
Welcome to Borderlands your goal is to
keep Mexico

I mean psychos from crossing that wall and I need you to stop them those aren't
even plugged in getting out of here you

but I'm white yo mama's so wise he went
to hell because she didn't want to climb the stairway to heaven welcome to heaven
you're going to love it here no stairs
no thanks what wait where are you going uh hell yeah another soul let's no
thanks, I just want to take a nap oh you
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